[Healeys] Luggage and Space

sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au
Mon Dec 8 18:07:20 MST 2008

John Sprinzel drove a MG Midget from London to Sydney with a co-driver and thy carried all their spares and personal items in a special rack fitted to the top. And John is 6 feet 4 or something. This was the first London-Sydney.  

For the second London-Sydney an English entrant carried a spare alloy radiator strapped under the shroud in the engine bay.He also plated under the chassis and then cut a removable panel in the floors to provide access for his spare rear springs. Also he sealed the rear wheel arch by fitting a plate radiused to the wheel opening and then accessed it from within the trunk.  

I once took three blokes and two girls in long dresses to a dance in my BN.4 with the hardtop fitted.  

Space is available!!!!!! 

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