[Healeys] BN2 tranmission question

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 8 05:10:34 MST 2008

If memory serves me, that is a reverse thread on the input shaft.   However 
I could not
find that in the manual that I have right here.   Stay tuned and some one 
will confirm
this shortly.

If you lock an old clutch disc in a vise and insert the input shaft in the 
hole this should
give you a good leverage opportunity to loosen the nut.

Just clean up the input shaft nose and you should be good to go.


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> Hi List,
> What is the best method to remove the large nut from a 4-speed 
> side-shifter input shaft.  This is for a BN2, I don't want to take any 
> risks here as I believe they are absolutely NLA.  The input shaft is out 
> of the trans.
> I believe there is just a bond between the nut and shaft from 52 years of 
> immobility and some oxidation, the shaft was not really rusted, the box 
> was taken out of commission with a broken OD, stored under a workbench 
> here in dry California. The transmission has all signs of low mileage, 
> just a couple nicks on the 1st/reverse (which I'll clean up a bit).
> I used heat, PB blaster, WD 40 and I usually repeat this process, coming 
> back to it every couple of days.  I am considering putting the input shaft 
> in the clutch/engine but I don't want to break anything.
> I am replacing synchros, needles, thrust washers, layshaft, balls, 
> springs,  etc so I like to replace this (original) bearing as well.
> The front bearing surface of the input shaft, which goes into the pilot 
> bearing has no pits or nicks but has some discoloration from oxidation.  A 
> machine shop could turn this to the next available ID of the bushing.  But 
> then this is out of spec, do I just clean this up?
> All advice appreciated
> Bert
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