[Healeys] Steering box part needed

Ray Juncal healeyray at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 22:13:00 MST 2008

   I am finally finishing up the rebuild on my steering boxes.  I had wear in
the upper bushing that is just bored in the aluminum case itself.  My fix was
to bore the full length oversize and use two bronze bushings with the same OD
and different wall thickness to allow for the two shaft sizes.  It worked
great.  Contact me if you are thinking about doing this.  I'll fill you in on
the details.
   It turns out I'm missing a piece.  Does anyone have a "locking plate" for a
BN-2 steering box?  It's the strap that locks the adjusting bolt on the top of
the box. (part #29 in the Moss catalog)  I sure could use some help here.
Ray Juncal

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