[Healeys] Speaking of bolts and stuff

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Hmmm,   makes me wonder if our heads should be torque dry or lubed?  I have 
intentionally dried my nuts or studs off before torquing.   I would bet they 
are more lubed
than dry in this area.  oops!!!

Off with my head,

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> Gary, what is really important in a torqued fastener is the tension 
> produced
> in the fastener by the torquing process.  Normally nut torque is specified
> for "dry" threads.    If a fastener is lubricated and then torqued to a
> "dry" specification, it can be overtorqued even to the point of failure
> because there is less friction between the lubricated threads to resist 
> the
> torquing process.  That is, the tension produced in the fastener will be
> higher at the point where the specified torque is reached on the torque
> wrench.
> If a torque is specified for lubricated threads, it will be stated as 
> such.
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> On another site I frequent, regarding modern Mercedes, someone last week
> recommended that folks should use anti-seize on lug bolts. Seems to me I
> recall
> that this is not a good idea on any bolt that needs to be tightened to a
> specific torque spec. Can someone who is more knowledgable enlighten me on
> this?
> Thanks
> Gary
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