[Healeys] part supplier info. needed

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I think Josef is too polite to say that they used to work for SC Parts and
left them after SC were taken over and started, it is alleged, to cut the
odd corner with their quality! I've found them to be very good, helpful and
knowledgeable. They even sent me a part (of an oil filter adaptor) free
once! "We've got some lying around in a drawer in the office...you can have
They're located just around the corner from SC!

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I visited them about two months ago and bought some parts there. I know the
guys for a long time, about 20 years. They were in the business with another
main supplier for Healey parts and split from them to offer parts with
superior quality. That's a hard job, and I can only say they are successful
some way. They still wash with water, to say. I bought their new fender
and they are the best you can get now. They are pressed not casted, but you
cannot see and they are of highest "flatness", no waves and imperfections in
the chrome. I also bought the front screen channel rubber for the roadsters,
as the one from other suppliers is far away from original staff - too thick
and not soft enough. Theirs is also not like you could get 20 years ago, but
superior to stuff from other suppliers here in Europe.
I have no financial interest, just a satisfied customer.

Josef Eckert
54BN1, 62BT7, 65Sprite

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hello list

Has anyone dealt with (Ahead 4 Healeys), are their parts ,service good?
Healeys at autox.team.net

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