[Healeys] NOJ391 on ebay????

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The Hunter car is unrestored--left exactly as it was following its last SCCA race.  100S configuration.  On display at Healey Werks (Sioux City).  It's a cool car in its current condition.

John Rued

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>If I remember correctly, the original Fred Hunter car was authenticated by
>Geoff and Roger. Fred made the decision to have it restored as an "S" rather
>than the prototype. There is an article by Kay Kovacs (or maybe Tom) on this
>car and the sunsequent building of the replica prototype by Tom.
>If the ebay car has the bill of sale, chassis number, log books and
>original body work, etc. I'd believe it to be more car than what
>fourintune put together from scraps.
>On Dec 3, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Bob Brown wrote:
>> Greg
>> There are not three as you suggest. The car that FOurintune
>> discovered to
>> be NOJ391 is the Fred Hunter car that is now owned by Craig and Shari
>> Hillinger.
>> But that does not explain the two that seem to exist.
>> Bob
>> Oh, I
>> should have remembered, so do we have three of them?
>> http://www.healeywerks.com/pdfs/meet_millie_healeywerks_2008.pdf
>> ---- "Eric
>> (Rick) Wilkins" <e-wilkins at cox.net> wrote:
>>> It's still possible that this
>> car is the real one. many parts were
>>> swapped around, right? SPecially
>> after a truck accident at/near Le
>>> Mans...
>>> On Dec 3, 2008, at 8:09 AM,
>> Bob Brown wrote:
>>>> See  http://www.fourintune.com/ah100sprototype.html
>>> for a little confusion on NOJ391
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