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sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au
Tue Dec 2 15:19:55 MST 2008

I always remember that wise old man Confucius when he said"man beside car with
tool in hand not necessarily a mechanic!"

Quoting Mirek and Gwen Sharp <m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca>:

> you guys are worrying too much about the scratches - do the way
> Donald Healey expected you to do it - get the copper hammer and wail
> on the knock-offs until they come un-done, then wail on them the
> other way until they are tight.  After 48 years my BT7 has satisfying
> flat spots on the ears showing that it has been done right all that
> time.
> you wrote: "I see that some use a rubber hammer filled with beads to
> remove spin offs which does scuff of dent the chrome".
> smiles,
> Mirek
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