[Healeys] British Tool

Ron Fine RonFineEsq at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 2 09:21:07 MST 2008

I also found that the wood wrench came apart with little use.  I now use the 
big lead hammer Moss sells 386-180 with good results.  The head is very soft 
and so far I haven't seen any damage to my new spin offs.   Don't try the 
Zink Alloy hammer.  It will definitely dent your knock offs.


>I am looking for an alternative to the wood wrench M*** sells that just
> comes apart after a few whacks.  I see that some use a rubber hammer 
> filled
> with beads to remove spin offs which does scuff of dent the chrome.  Does
> the monster hammer work on just octagonals or is it for spin offs as well
> and how well can you control the tightness?

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