[Healeys] cigar lighter

tomfelts at windstream.net tomfelts at windstream.net
Mon Dec 1 16:03:39 MST 2008

In my BJ8 the lower right has the WW push button.  Above it--top right--is the choke.

---- Bob Johnson <bjsbj8 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> My lighter is located at the lower right of the left dash panel where, I
> think most BJ8s have the choke. My choke is located in the center panel
> centered between the heater contols and the switches. I never knew that this
> was not a standard arrangement until Steve (I beleive) pointed it out to me.
> That explains why there is that dull zinc washer is beneath the choke knob
> and why the choke cable that I ordered was soo long.
> Bob Johnson
> BJ8

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