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Mon Dec 1 15:57:33 MST 2008

My lighter is located at the lower right of the left dash panel where, I
think most BJ8s have the choke. My choke is located in the center panel
centered between the heater contols and the switches. I never knew that this
was not a standard arrangement until Steve (I beleive) pointed it out to me.
That explains why there is that dull zinc washer is beneath the choke knob
and why the choke cable that I ordered was soo long.

Bob Johnson

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 3:36 PM, BJ8Healeys <sbyers at ec.rr.com> wrote:

> The BJ8 Registry records 36 cars with cigar lighters as they left the
> factory based on BMIHT information.  Of these, 29 were in Personal Export
> Delivery cars for the USA, two were in Personal Export Delivery cars for
> Germany and Italy, two were for "Destination: USA", and three were in cars
> for which the Destination was not specified.  I suspect that the lighters
> were only installed in cars that were special order.
> My BJ8 has a cigar lighter installed in the same place as PG's.  It was not
> listed on the BMIHT certificate, so I assume it was installed after the car
> left the factory.  PG's lighter was listed as factory equipment on the
> certificate.
> After earlier discussions of the "factory" lighter location, I attempted to
> contact all of the owners of the cars that had lighters listed as factory
> equipment to determine where they were located.  None of them responded to
> my queries.
> I have always used my lighter outlet to power a gooseneck lamp, and after
> conversion to negative ground for charging cellphones and batteries.
> Steve Byers
> HBJ8L/36666
> BJ8 Registry
> Havelock, NC  USA
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> My 67 BJ8 has a cigar lighter located under the heater pull and above the
> right toggle switch.
> Anybody wanting a picture for placement let me know.....I can't send to
> list
> but can email directly to individuals.
> Don't know if it was a dealer install or factory.
> Paul
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