[Healeys] Insurance Coverage, the real value.

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Thu Dec 27 19:10:50 MST 2007

Aaah, one of my FAVORITE subjects, Jim!!

(out of order from original post.)

<<Should I up the coverage?>>

IMHO, yep!!!

Every year (J.C.Taylor) I up the coverage $1000.00 and I do my own work<G>!

<<I have my 66 BJ8 insured for 45K with Hagerty .. Granted I did the wok
myself but it is wonderful .. with a Cape International Hardtop and Heritage
leather interior .. >>

NOW, one of my pet peeves!!

Did you keep a HISTORY with HOURS of your work??  AND assign the current Area
Shop hourly fee?? Bet not.

Folks doing their own car (no matter which LBC) just keep telling me,
"But it's my hobby and my time is FREE."

No it is NOT when it comes to VALUING a given car!!!  If you do NOT have a
record of your time, materials and the job being done you canNOT ask an
Insurance Co. "Just take my word for it."  You HAVE to be able to PROVE a
car's VALUE and ALWAYS the amount of dollars requested (as someone else
mentioned) MUST be equal to the amount required to replace the car exactly as
when theft or damage occurs.  Not doing so leaves you open to going back to
square one!!!!

Hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy, Safe Healeying,
and prosperous New Year!!!


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