[Healeys] Insurance Coverage, the real value.

Ron Fine RonFineEsq at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 27 12:50:47 MST 2007

I found the increased amount of coverage was fairly inexpensive.  For me, it 
was a question of what would make me feel better if the car was totally 
destroyed or stolen.  After putting three years of my labor and lots of 
money into the restoration, I didn't want to feel I got less than it was 
worth or what it would cost me to buy another Healey already restored to the 
same level as mine.  That was my "comfort level" of coverage.


> Ok ..  I have my 66 BJ8 insured for 45K with Hagerty .. Granted I did the 
> wok
> myself but it is wonderful .. with a Cape International Hardtop and 
> Heritage
> leather interior ..  Should I up the coverage?
> Jim Sailer
> 66 BJ8

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