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Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 10:52:06 MST 2007

Hey Joe -

You forgot all about the very first true celebrity Healey fan... Mel
Torme!   Badabodabadababadoo!!

And also Jackie Cooper.


On Dec 20, 2007 4:43 PM, <sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au> wrote:

>  Donald Healey was an wise man with wide experience in the fields of
> engineering,manufacturing,promotion and all cultivated to service his
> personal
> desire to compete.
> Promotion was one of his best talents. Ask yourself how a small
> British 'garagista' (Enzo Ferrari's description of the English motor
> racing
> fraternity) was so successful as a pimple on the side of BMC and its
> subsquent
> derivitatives. It came to an end when BMC proposed to attach the Healey to
> the
> in production but not yet released MGB GT. I am told his response was
> something
> to the effect of "no bloody way!"
> Donald was held in high regard within motor racing because of his driving
> results and achievements with cars entered into erly post war endurance
> racing.
> He was quick to use celebrity identities as drivers of his reliable cars.
> eg.
> McQueen,Stirling Moss,Bruce McLaren and US drivers most likely drivers
> familiar
> to the the East Coast distribution network and therefore likely to be
> influencial to potential buyers of British sports cars and so influence
> buyers
> to Healeys. I suggest the US East Coast distributors paid or part paid for
> drivers,garaging,local transport and mechanics. There seems that part of
> the
> racing/promotion system had a pre-arranged sale of the works car to
> recover
> costs. Usually there were two car entries with a proven known quantity
> British
> driving team. It is well known that Healeys did not always pick the
> fastest
> driver but the ones disciplined enough to go the distance with good
> average
> speed.
> Joe.

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