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Thu Dec 20 17:43:58 MST 2007

 Donald Healey was an wise man with wide experience in the fields of 
engineering,manufacturing,promotion and all cultivated to service his personal 
desire to compete.

Promotion was one of his best talents. Ask yourself how a small 
British 'garagista' (Enzo Ferrari's description of the English motor racing 
fraternity) was so successful as a pimple on the side of BMC and its subsquent 
derivitatives. It came to an end when BMC proposed to attach the Healey to the 
in production but not yet released MGB GT. I am told his response was something 
to the effect of "no bloody way!"
Donald was held in high regard within motor racing because of his driving 
results and achievements with cars entered into erly post war endurance racing.

He was quick to use celebrity identities as drivers of his reliable cars. eg. 
McQueen,Stirling Moss,Bruce McLaren and US drivers most likely drivers familiar 
to the the East Coast distribution network and therefore likely to be 
influencial to potential buyers of British sports cars and so influence buyers 
to Healeys. I suggest the US East Coast distributors paid or part paid for 
drivers,garaging,local transport and mechanics. There seems that part of the 
racing/promotion system had a pre-arranged sale of the works car to recover 
costs. Usually there were two car entries with a proven known quantity British 
driving team. It is well known that Healeys did not always pick the fastest 
driver but the ones disciplined enough to go the distance with good average 

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