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I have the book "McQueen's Machines" right next to me while I type this. 

It makes mention and has photos of the Sprites driven by McQueen in the 1962
Sebring 12 hour and the 3 hour race during the proceeding day. The 3-hour
car looks to be a close to standard Mk2 while the Sebring car is a
streamline car. 

In Geoff Healey's book "More Healeys" it states that the DHMC constructed 4
MkII alloy bodies for the 3-hour race and a coupe for the 12 hour. All cars
were owned and entered by the DHMC. In the 3-hour McQueen came in ninth and
retired in the 12 hour with engine problems.

Initially Donald and Geoff Healey were a little dubious about having McQueen
in their team but besides being a very competent driver using him brought
the marque much publicity.

Of course McQueen came in second at Sebring 1970 in a Porsche 908 with his
broken foot heavily bandaged.

I am not about to go through the book again page by page but I cannot find
any reference to a 100S or any other Austin-Healey. About the closest it
gets is a Mini Cooper and Jaguar XKSS.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Sydney, Australia

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At the time that Steve McQueen drove at Sebring in the Sprite, I was just
of high school and was working on the BMC "yacht" down in West Palm Beach
Ed Bussey who was the SE distributor for Brit cars.  I vaguely recall the 2
Sprites were "werks" cars as I remember being at his distributorship when
were delivered. They were not owned by anyone at that time.

Richard of CA/KY
1960 BN7
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