[Healeys] No Blueberry

Jaap Aeckerlin j.aeckerlin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 13:59:37 MST 2007

Alan, no need for a Blueberry here in continental Europe. I'm a member of
the Dutch Automobile Association who operate a system called Road Patrol.
Irrespective where I am in The Netherlands - when my car breaks down they
will either repair in on the spot,  when possible, or transport my car to a
garage anywhere in Holland. When I'm abroad my car will be towed or trucked
to a nearby garage, and when the time needed for repair exceeds three days
my car will be transported back to The Netherlands. The only thing I need is
a mobile phone. The only time this doesn't work is when the value of the
vehicle just before the accident is less than the transport costs to
Holland. But as the value of my car is recently estimated at just over
60,000 US Dollars I'm not afraid for that to happen....
You see: living in a small country like The Netherlands (West to East:
1.5hrs drive, North to South
3.5 hrs drive) has its advantages!
Jack Aeckerlin, The Netherlands
1964 BJ8 29432

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