[Healeys] 100 rear springs and 100/3000 front shocks

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Wed Dec 26 07:55:50 MST 2007

         I didn't see a response to your shock question.
         There is no external difference between 6075 and 8002. The 
arms, etc. are the same.
         The differences are a subtle valve change.
         There are earlier numbers for earlier 100 cars. They differ 
in body somewhat, but the arms remain the same length.
I hope that helps.
         Peter C.
At 07:11 AM 12/24/2007, you wrote:

>The 100, 100-6 and early 3000 used the same front shock - 6075.  The later
>cars used 8002.  What are the differences between the shocks?  Did the
>lever arm lengths change?
>I hope everyone has a happy Healey holiday.

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