[Healeys] X

Jaap Aeckerlin j.aeckerlin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 07:18:37 MST 2007

Now that the restoration of my Healey has come to an end after  six years
I'm afraid my activities on this list will be reduced. No more dumb
questions, maybe a Friday Funny now and then, but there  will clearly be
more silence/less noise from this side of the water.
Thanks for all your contributions, thanks for the praise I received now and
then and although my picture site at Picturetrail is closed now I'm busily
working on another one at Picasaweb. Those who still want to see how a
Dutchman transformed a wreck into a driver have to be a little patient.
I wish all my friends on this list a Merry Christmas and a Healeyful New
Jack Aeckerlin, The Netherlands
1964 BJ8 29432

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