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> It seems he has already done what you suggest. It is hard to believe that 
> Hagerty is this bad. Any comments from anyone else? Charlie Baldwin

My understanding has been that Hagerty will pay the actual cost of a repair 
to previous condition up to the agreed value on the policy, and that they will 
allow owners to take the car to an approved shop, have the repair made, and 
then the bill is sent directly to Hagerty.
The two times that I've had damaged repaired under my Hagerty policy, this 
was the way it was handled. The one time that I had what appeared to be a total, 
an estimater looked at the car, determined that to repair it would cost more 
than the agreed value, so they sent me a check for the agreed value, less the 
nominal salvage value of the car.
During the course of this process, from the time I called in to report the 
accident until after it was settled, there was one specific claims person 
assigned to the claim who I talked to.
This is always the problem in second and third hand reports like this. We're 
hearing what someone heard of what someone else heard from some person 
connected with their policy holder and along the way we may not be hearing all the 
facts or hearing them as the original individual did. If I were in his position 
and unhappy with the situation, I'd be talking to someone at Hagerty and 
making sure I understood exactly what was going on and was satisfied with my 

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