[Healeys] Insurance Coverage, the real value.

Charlie Baldwin mgcharlie at comcast.net
Tue Dec 25 10:51:49 MST 2007

I had forwarded this to a friend (with a Jag) who sent me the original 
post from the Jag list:

Here is the first post (from the owner):
About a month ago (Thanksgiving day, actually) I was stopped at a 
red light and an H2 drove right into the back of my car. It was 
100% his fault. He has insurance with State Farm and I have 
insurance from Hagerty. I want the car back in the condition it 
was in before. Some one came to look at the car for Hagerty and 
estimated $12,000. One year ago the car got a new paint job 
(glasorit) and alone was most of his assessment. Then adding in body 
work (welding on the back half of another xke?) and anything 
else... $12,000 seems no where close. As of now, I am going 
through his insurance to resolve this. Are there any steps I must 
take to make sure I don't get screwed? What is the course of 
action to take to get my car back to how it was? 

The link below is a picture of the accident. He was going pretty 
fast. You can see skid marks from my rear tires going back to 
where my car was when stopped at the red light.

Thanks for the help.


It seems he has already done what you suggest.  It is hard to believe that Hagerty is this bad.

Any comments from anyone else?

Charlie Baldwin

Editorgary at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 12/24/07 6:10:20 AM, healeys-request at autox.team.net 
>>>This picture from a friend on a Jag forum, mentioning the $12,000 offer
>>>from Farmer's Insurance (covering the Hummer) to make repairs to the
>>>Jag, in the Hummer vs. XK-E rear-ender.
>One has to wonder, was the Jag insured with one of the classic car insurance 
>companies? If so, the client simply backs out of the discussion, leaving it to 
>Hagerty, or American Classic, or whomever, to go after the $25-$30k or more 
>that it will probably cost to put this one right (What does it cost to repair 
>the monocoque of an E-Type?). I mean, the Hummer could just as easily have hit 
>an Aston or Pooch or whatever. Wonder if the Farmers' agent thinks that this 
>is just some old sports car and the owner will be grateful for whatever he can 
>get. Remember, you don't pay your insurance fees just to get coverage, you pay 
>to get legal support for legitimate claims and to defend you against nasty 

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