[Healeys] Brake & clutch master Cyl.

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue Dec 25 09:20:02 MST 2007

While we're on the topic, does anyone know for sure what the shims are for?

I'm guessing since the brake cyl has the adjustable shaft, the shims are 
used for setting the height of the clutch pedal?

BTW, y'all have a great Christmas.


Rich C wrote:
> Gary,
> How fortunate you and I are currently assembling similar cars. That leaves 
> these little details still fresh in my mind. I just assembled this stuff 
> about 3 weeks ago.
> The brake master cylinder is the larger of the two, being a 7/8" bore for 
> use with the servo system. It has the adjustable pushrod with the much 
> larger and thicker clevis. Both brake and clutch master cylinders will use 
> the split shims between the mounting flange and the bulkhead mount 
> positions. Be mindful of any wear in the thinner clutch master pushrod 
> clevis holes. They may need to be welded up and redrilled for the 5/16" 
> clevis pins. Of course the pins can also wear badly.
> Merry Christmas
> Rich Chrysler

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