[Healeys] Brake & clutch master Cyl.

Warthodson at aol.com Warthodson at aol.com
Tue Dec 25 06:45:55 MST 2007

I continue to be amazed by how many things I failed to take adequate photos 
of when I disassembled the car some 25 years ago in preparation for a quick 
My BJ8 Phase 1 had some packing shims behind either the brake or the clutch 
master cylinder, but I don't know which. The parts book shows them as being 
available for both. Also, one of my master cylinders had a fixed length pushrod & 
one has an adjustable length pushrod. My guess is the adjustable pushrod was 
for the clutch & the shims went with the brake master cylinder. Can anyone 
point me in the right direction?

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