[Healeys] (healeys) End of another year

Healeyguy at aol.com Healeyguy at aol.com
Mon Dec 24 19:08:07 MST 2007

For Healey content: We are hoping to get in a drive in the 100 sometime  
tomorrow. Weather has been a bit rainy lately but the temp has  been holding in 
the high 70's to lower 80's F. Looking ahead there is  plenty of work to do on 
the BJ8 that will hopefully not turn into a multiyear  restoration, yea right! 
I think it has been sitting in the garage waiting for me  to finish the 
chassis repair on it for four years already.  Of  course the youngest son's Bugeye 
has had the new sills and floor installed for  about six years and still is 
awaiting finish body work and paint. I'm not sure  how the years seem to slip 
away, but they do.  Always seems like we are  busy doing something but when you 
look back there are plenty of overdue tasks to  complete. Maybe its true that 
time goes by more quickly the older you get. Maybe  making the wife happy is 
more important than spending a 1000 hours a year in the  garage. Hmmmm.......
Well, to the task for this afternoon:
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hawaii. Whether  
you celebrate the 25th in a special way or not we hope that your day is  
productive and you are in good health. All the best.....at least I got one thing  
done today!
Perry and Kimberley
Kailua Hawaii

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