[Healeys] Fender bead beneath chrome windshield support?

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Sat Dec 22 17:56:37 MST 2007


Trim the fender bead, but not at the factory rounded end. Take a piece out 
of the portion that will fit under the windscreen "foot". Then the front 
portion will come from the headlamp back under the front of the foot. The 
rear portion will continue from under the foot to just touch the base of the 
windscreen post...do not try to fit it under the post. The raw cut ends will 
be hidden under the "foot".

This picture shows an original undisturbed car.

Rich Chrysler

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> Hey guys,
> I was at BCS the other day and David Nock let me check out an unrestored 
> BN1
> to see how the Chromed stanchion sits on the fender beading.
> I had the front pillar post replaced on my car when we did frame work so I
> lost the original holes that one bolts the windshield support stanchion to 
> the
> car on both sides.
> With the fender beads that I bought and placed between the fenders, they
> extend , of course, past the foward footing and go about 1 inch beneath 
> the
> stanchion. It looks a little weird, thus I have been wary to drill the 
> holes
> and bolt down the Rear stanchions,
> I then got a chance to see an unrestored 100-4 with just 18K original 
> miles .
> On that gorgeous car, the fender bead stopped just in front and butted up 
> to
> the stanchion.
> Do I trim my fender bead or do I let it run beneath, what's original?
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