[Healeys] Maroon color

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Fri Dec 21 20:28:44 MST 2007

<<Only Midwesterners would know what a Bing Cherry looks like! >>

WRONG, Gary!!!  Learned to LOVE the things as HS Frosh in
Mobile, ALA<VBG>!!!

<<...and you are right.>>

When I met Gary it was "just" done and he had only been to a couple meets and
blew everything  else outa the water with it !!  The pics on my site do NOT do
it anywhere NEAR "justice"!!!

Good grief (Charlie Brown<G>), just realized that Gary and I (AND the car<G>)
have been buddies (typical Healey "family") for close to 30 years<sigh><G>!!

Happy Holidays all!!

'63 BJ-7 (Hortense THE Healey wearing STD IL plates    AH BJ 7    !!)
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