[Healeys] Brake Reservoir Lettering

Richard Bittmann edmyed at harbornet.com
Thu Dec 20 18:28:57 MST 2007

Gary and the list,

I had 100ea    "CLUTCH            BRAKE"        decals made which are self 
adhesive and concourse correct at a company called Lazer Trends in Tacoma, 
WA.  I have 42 left of which I'll save 12 for "gifts".  That leaves 30 sets 
for whoever wants them for $1 ea.  Just drop $1 bill and a self addressed 
envelope into an envelope addressed to:

Richard Bittmann
3320 North 35th Street
Tacoma, WA  98407

and I will mail it back to you.    I hope I don't get more than 30 (or 42) 
replys.    Happy Holidays

Richard Bittmann
BJ7 Tacoma

ps   I hope this isn't a social faux pax and banned by the list.  If so, 
please ignore.

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> Painting the brake reservoir lettering with a stencil is far too 
> laborious.
> Slightly easier is to get a set of rub-on letters in the proper sized 
> "medium
> helvetica" in white from any good art supply store, cut out the ones you 
> need
> and position them on scotch-tape, then rub them onto   the can.
> A few years ago someone had made up some rub-on sets that had the right
> words, but I don't remember who that was or if they're still available.
> Cheers
> Gary
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