[Healeys] Patrick Quinn

Mark and Kathy mgtrcars at galaxyinternet.net
Thu Dec 20 18:27:43 MST 2007

Yea, OK,  that's kinda what I thought it meant. (????)

 Now about that " tootie-pip"  : )

Haive a good one there mate,   Healey  On.


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  G'day Mark

  Stone the Bloody Crows.

  I can imagine myself saying "cheerio". There I am in my Tweed jacket,
jodhpurs, deer stalker hat, cocked shot gun and obligatory hound standing by
my knee. Thatched cottage and BN3 in the background.

  "Cheerio and tootle-pip my good man."

  I'd be a real dag and me mates would give me a right earbashing. Spare me
while I have a technicolour yawn.

  Fair suck of the sav mate. No bloody way would I say that.

  Fair dinkum "Hoo Roo" is an affectionate (careful- can't be too pally with
blokes) way of saying goodbye to kindly thought of mates.

  Hoo Roo

  Patrick Quinn

  Sydney, Australia


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  for the English it would be "Cheerio!"


  On Dec 20, 2007 6:53 PM, Mark and Kathy <mgtrcars at galaxyinternet.net>

  OK old chap.   I've been reading your helpful  additions to the List for
  years and understand most of what you say in the Ausie language.   But for
  the life of me I can not figure the   "Hoo  Roo"   out.

  Is there an English equivalent to that phrase?


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