[Healeys] Survival rate of the Healey

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Thu Dec 20 10:22:43 MST 2007

That extremely generous figure sounds more like wishful thinking of a parts 
supplier. I'd guess more like the 13000 survivors in whatever condition that 
Baird Foster "guesstimated" a couple of years ago. There have simply been 
way too many crashed, parted out for the almighty dollar, and simply used 
year round when new, only to rot away in the northern (salt used) regions 
within their first 5 to 8 years.
I personally know of too many cases where 2 or 3 cars were parted out to 
make one roadworthy car.

Rich Chrysler

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>I heard somewhere that Moss figures there are 50,000 Healeys out there 
>somewhere.  I think that includes possibles still in waiting as well as 
>runners all models.  Does that sound like a reasonable number?
> Regards
> Ray Juncal
> Tadeusz Malkiewicz <tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl> wrote: Well, forgive my 
> curiosity, but I have to ask: what is the survival rate of
> the 100, 100/6 and the 3000? How many are there still around?
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