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Ray Juncal healeyray at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 20 00:18:41 MST 2007

    I can probably put you in touch with his son Bill.  I worked with him in the early seventies and see him often at vintage car events.  In the seventies he had an early 100 with alloy doors, hood and trunk lid. (first 50 cars?)  Now he has a Cobra 289 and races it on occasion.  I think I have his phone number around somewhere.
Ray Juncal

"Freese, Ken" <Kendall.Freese at Aerojet.com> wrote: Another related thread that I may never get around to investigating is
the Colonel William Kincheloe 1006. I thought that that was an ex
Sebring team car, maybe 1958 since it didn't have any streamlining. I
have seen pictures of it at Laguna Seca and Vacaville. Right hand drive,
etc. Ron Yates had an article on Kincheloe in Dipstick Digest #8.
Anyway, I recently saw an article in July 1962 Sports Car Graphic, "For
How Much Is Your Sports Car Really Insured" by Robert M. Durbin.
Accompaning the article is a photograph of the smashed Kincheloe car(in
my opinion). When did this crash occur?
Pappy (Ralph) Durbin raced a 1006 in the Midwest, but I think that car
is still around and being raced by Robert Denton, BN6L1238.
Any comments?
Ken Freese
100S Registrar
Healeys at autox.team.net

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