[Healeys] Kincheloe Sebring car

Freese, Ken Kendall.Freese at Aerojet.com
Wed Dec 19 17:16:11 MST 2007

Another related thread that I may never get around to investigating is
the Colonel William Kincheloe 1006. I thought that that was an ex
Sebring team car, maybe 1958 since it didn't have any streamlining. I
have seen pictures of it at Laguna Seca and Vacaville. Right hand drive,
etc. Ron Yates had an article on Kincheloe in Dipstick Digest #8.
Anyway, I recently saw an article in July 1962 Sports Car Graphic, "For
How Much Is Your Sports Car Really Insured" by Robert M. Durbin.
Accompaning the article is a photograph of the smashed Kincheloe car(in
my opinion). When did this crash occur?
Pappy (Ralph) Durbin raced a 1006 in the Midwest, but I think that car
is still around and being raced by Robert Denton, BN6L1238.
Any comments?
Ken Freese
100S Registrar

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