[Healeys] New member with AH100-4 BN2..

sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au
Wed Dec 19 15:57:19 MST 2007

Quoting Tadeusz Malkiewicz <tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl>:

> Hello Tadeusz
There is a common thread between Healeys and Volvo.
Did you know that the Jensen car company completely assembled the Austin 
Healeys except for fitting the motor,gearbox and diff. They were delivered with 
soft top and side screens, two high on the back of trucks to the MG assembly 
line for final installation.
In the early days of the Volvo P.1800 coupe these were assembled by Jensen also.
So you have two cars made by the same people supplied with parts from the 
different parent companies.

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