[Healeys] Insulation advice: Fibrefax, Dynamat or both?

Mark and Kathy mgtrcars at galaxyinternet.net
Wed Dec 19 05:08:20 MST 2007

Hey William,

     First off didn't some type of underlayment felt come with your carpet 
set?    In some areas  in our cars  Less is More.    If you layer the floors 
and other misc. panels too much then the fitment becomes a problem.    The 
trany tunnel won't lay down right,   the seats won't move back and forth 
properly,  etc.
      Sounds to me like you have the non adhesive type of Dynamat which is 
different than the Dynamat Extreme ( foil backed, tarry stuff)  that is self 
adhesive and only about an eighth of an inch thick so it fits fairly well 
under other underlayment.
      I'm not familiar with the Fiberfax material but would venture to say 
that using ONE of your products would  do the job.   If you pile stuff up 
too much it would be like driving around in a pillow on wheels,  however 
that would be perfect for most of our wives I'm sure.


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> Hello gang, I am ready to install my interior. My MGA has always cooked my
> little smokies(toes) and I don't want to have the same problem with my 
> Healey
> 100-4.
> I picked a roll of Fiberfax, the ceramic/fiber airplane cockpit insulation 
> and
> i also have a roll of Dynamat
> I am the king of overkill , I know it! Why have one when you can have 2 
> for
> twice the price.
> I am not putting down tar paper, I don't participate in concourses.
> The question is should I put them both down and if I do , should I glue in 
> the
> fiberfax them lay over the dynamat or glue it on as well.
> None of this will be seen with my Wilton wool carpet over it but I don't 
> want
> the carpet to shift around either -
> I know insulation is a bit of a tired subject on the list but, when you're
> doing it for the first time, It's all new to you -Thanks for any advice
> -William

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