[Healeys] Indicator (parking & signal) lamps

Warthodson at aol.com Warthodson at aol.com
Sun Dec 16 14:33:08 MST 2007

I am working on a '64 BJ8, Phase 1 with the small glass single indicator 
lamps in the front & rear. The same as on all earlier 100-6's & 3000's.  Moss 
lists two rubber boots, short (2-3/8" overall) & long (3-1/4" overall). My old one 
measures 2-5/8" overall. The short one seems too short & the long one seems 
way too long. Are there any other sources that provide a better fitting boot? 
If not, which one do you recommend? Also, Moss lists two bulb holder 
assemblies, early spring type & replacement type. Which would be most original for my 
year car? Last, I am in need of one clear lens, with "Lucas, Made in England", 
etc., on it. I am assuming Moss's doesn't say that on it (they are closed as I 
type this), so does anyone have one for sale? 
Gary Hodson   

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