[Healeys] How Bout them Rear Seats, Wow!

Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 17:25:33 MST 2007

Mark -

Having done the stitching personally on my own BJ8, it's really not that
difficult provided you have the appropriate apholsterer's needles (thicker
needles).  Basically you stitch it first very loosely after you've marked
through the holes where the stitches should go.  i.e. you center the seat
cushion as if you are about to glue it all together then flip the seat over
to mark through the holes where the stitches go.  Then you can pull the seat
cover up and stitch directly to the bead then loosely run the string through
the hole in the seat pan and back through again and stitch again, and back
out and back in again until you get to the last hole/knot.  Then you pull it
all tight and finish off the last knot by flipping the fabric over on the
last portion on the top side of the seat.

You really need to stitch this otherwise you won't be able to pull the rear
and side portions of the seat tight, which will look stupid and wrinkly if
it's not stitched.  No adhesive will hold properly when you pull the rear
and side portions of the seat material tight - you need the stitch.

Do the job as the factory did it and it will look great.


'52 A90
'53 BN1
'64 BJ8

On 12/14/07, Mark and Kathy <mgtrcars at galaxyinternet.net> wrote:
> Well I have now been inducted into the Hall of Ridiculous Brit car
> Procedures.
> "Stitching in the Rear Seats"   What a PITA!
> I see why Moss cut most or this stressful operation from there video tape.
> Surely with all the high tech adhesive products that we have now, there
> must
> be a better way.
> After all I don't expect to have Bimbo the Elephant sitting in my back
> seat
> any time soon.
> Wouldn't a good adhesive be acceptable in this area.
> Patiently waiting to hear what others have used in this area.
> And just out of curiosity, is this a concourse area that is judged on?
> No,  no concourse here,  just curious because it is such an unobtainable
> area.
> Thanks,  Mark
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