[Healeys] How Bout them Rear Seats, Wow!

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I followed that Moss tape exactly and it was easy to do.  If you drill the
extra holes for the stitching it will hold a little better.  Make sure your
pans and studs are in good shape.  For adhesive, I used Wedgewood (DAP)
contact cement because that is all I could find.  Home Depot has it.  It is
a little tricky to work with and you have only one good shot at sticking the
vinyl after it tacks up but it works.

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Well I have now been inducted into the Hall of Ridiculous Brit car
"Stitching in the Rear Seats"   What a PITA!

I see why Moss cut most or this stressful operation from there video tape.
Surely with all the high tech adhesive products that we have now, there must
be a better way.

After all I don't expect to have Bimbo the Elephant sitting in my back seat
any time soon.

Wouldn't a good adhesive be acceptable in this area.

Patiently waiting to hear what others have used in this area.

And just out of curiosity, is this a concourse area that is judged on?

No,  no concourse here,  just curious because it is such an unobtainable

Thanks,  Mark
Healeys at autox.team.net

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