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I've never seen Sigourney Weaver around here.  I suppose she could handle a
chain saw pretty good.

Patrick, an ice storm is when it rains in cold weather and the rain freezes
into ice, covering every surface.  Trees, cars, houses power lines, every
plant, grass lawns, everything is covered with ice.  It's very beautiful.
Everything shines like crystal.  It is something to behold.

The down side is that large tree limps crack under the added weight of the
ice and fall to the ground, blocking streets and sometimes damaging
buildings and cars.  The number of automobile accidents can be too large for
the police departments to handle all the calls.  Power lines fall to the
ground under the weight of the ice, terminating the electrical service to
homes and businesses.  In larger cities, hundreds of thousands of people can
be without electricity for hours, days, or weeks.  In addition to not having
any lights, most people do not have any heat in their homes without the
electricity to run their forced air furnaces.

Today's storm was mild for where I live.  But the walk to my garage on ice
covered concrete was not something I wanted to do so early in the morning
when I replied to Gary's email.


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Sorry I can't provide the definitive answer about the moulding fasteners
but I do have a question that someone may care to enlighten me on.

Living in Australia where in most areas it's open top motoring 356 days
of the year I am completely unfamiliar with what is meant by an ice

Can someone please tell me what happens? What causes it? What do you do?

I recall seeing a film some years back with Sigourney Weaver (Sigh!)
that was set in an ice storm, but no doubt it was all done with mirrors.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Sydney, Australia

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