[Healeys] Sealing WW spoke heads

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Hi, Charlie -
I never had much luck with several different brands of silicone sealants
because the wheel bearing grease turned the sealant into a very sticky jelly
that was extremely difficult to remove next time.  3M Body Seam Sealant
works well and is not affected by the grease.  Just make sure to clean
thoroughly any surfaces you are going to seal.  I do seal the spoke heads on
the inside of the hub with the same body sealant since any grease that finds
its way onto that surface will also find its way under the spoke heads and
down the spokes.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC  USA

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Im restoring a set of Dunlop wire wheels.
Im to the point where the painting is complete and Ive been told its
important to seal the spoke heads on the inside of the hub to prevent
grease from the splines being thrown out of the hub and down the
Ive used clear silicone to seal the spoke heads inside the outboard
neck of the hub.  Is it important to seal the heads on the back (wide
side) of the hub as well?
Thanks for your help.
cfrazer at uoregon.edu

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