[Healeys] re king pins out

Carroll A Phillips bjcap at optonline.net
Thu Dec 6 19:50:41 MST 2007

Just did this to a 66 BJ8 about and hour ago. For us it was easy to take the 
outer cups off , spread the lower control arms then remove the whole assy 
and work at the bench on the tapered pin. Yes, by hammering the buggar you 
usually bend the threaded part if it is stubborn. What we then did was 
install the cup with out the zirk fitting and you can tap on the trunnion to 
center its key on the taper pin. What sometimes happens is one side of the 
end caps is over tightened to put a force on the taper pin, and along with 
40-50 years of hardened grease its enough to hold it fast, PB blaster, 
tapping of trunnion and tapping of pin will work it free .

Good luck to ya, as we have the other side to do tomorrow !!! , center pin 
is stuck on that one too.
BTW with the outer  cap pins you only need to tap them alittle bit as they 
are a round  cut in the pin. You  need just a little movement to extract the 
cups ( they will pass thru the cut out) i.e. those pins can stay in for cup 
removal, then take out ,clean and oil well on assy.

Carroll Phillips    Top Down Restorations 

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