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Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sun Dec 2 12:34:04 MST 2007

tomfelts maybe at windstream.net wrote:
> Long shot here---I'm looking for a left side cover for a 1976 CB 125S
> Honda motorcycle.  Color is Aquarious Blue.  Thought I'd give the list
> a try to see if by chance any of you might have or know where I can
> get one.  I've searched Ebay.

Try Craigslist.  You can Google search across all the local ones.
Go to Google.com, and enter this as your search text:

site:craigslist.com honda 1976 CB 125S

No luck today, but keep trying every few days -- one may pop up. And try 
variations (e.g., CB125S, CB 125 S, CB125, etc.). You might get lucky.

If you are desperate, you might try molding one from fiberglass. Get a 
wad of modelers clay and make a mirror image of the right side cover. 
Form a layer of fiberglass over the clay; that will give you a female 
mold. Line the female mold with release agent, and layer fiberglass
in it. When it's set, you'll have something that looks close to what
you need. Then it's a matter of sanding, and filling, and sanding,
and painting. It won't be concourse, but it will cover the hole.

Kent McLean
'56 100 BN2
'71 Honda CB350

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