[Healeys] Mechanic/Starting Problems

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Dec 2 10:59:26 MST 2007

Edward (part deux):

Sounds like you have one carburettor running very rich--did you attend 
to that?

If that's the case, this might allow the engine to start--with the more 
open throttle you established--even if the chokes are still not set up 
correctly.  Have someone pull the choke slowly whilst you watch--the 
first part of the choke pull should open the throttle as you describe, 
but the second half should raise a lever near the bottom of the float 
bowl, which pivots to push down the jet diaphragm and thus lower the jet.


Edward Keuer wrote:

> Hello all,
> An update on my BJ8 starting problems might help someone else. At our  
> local Healey tech session yesterday, I/we changed the plugs (3 fouled  
> badly) and evaluated the situation with my choke mechanism. I had  
> noted that my choke did not seem to do anything, I could barely pull  
> it out, etc. Next to the carbs is a linkage consisting of a brass rod  
> in a channel, topped by a slotted screw on a small spring and v-shaped  
> mount. The screw is 10-32. When the choke is pulled this brass rod  
> should slide up and down and move the throttle just slightly,  
> enriching the mixture. My linkage mechanisms were solidly "frozen",  
> both of them (one for each carb), so the problem was diagnosed.

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