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Re: [Shop-talk] need some copper plumbing help from the gurus

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] need some copper plumbing help from the gurus
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 22:10:06 -0400
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There's certainly nothing wrong with asking the 
shop-talk gurus, but for that sort of situation I 
would walk into a plumbing supply store and tell 
them what I have and ask for a fitting.  I'm sure 
the situation has come up before.  As far as I 
know, there hasn't been any major shift in sizes 
in the last 25 years.  My house was built in 1985 
and fittings I buy work just fine with the 
original pipes.  Maybe the coiled tubing is the 
problem.  I have never tried connecting regular fittings to that.

-Steve T.

At 01:07 PM 10/20/2018, john niolon wrote:
>When we built my house/shop 25 years ago I had 
>the plumber install a 3/4â?? water line to the 
>shop and cap it off.  I was going to put in the 
>sink and the outside faucet when I got time.  Well,  this week I got time
>I cut the cap off and test fitted a 3/4â?? Tee 
>to start dry fitting the plumbing for 
>sink/faucet.  The Tee wouldnâ??t fit on the 
>tubing.  I cleaned it well but the Tee was still 
>too small to fit over the tubing.  It looks like 
>he used coiled tubing, or at least thatâ??s 
>whatâ??s coming up thru the concrete.  I tried 
>several fittings and even cut the tubing lower 
>to see if it was crimped or out of round...  it 
>micâ??d the same all the way around it in several places
>I micâ??d the tubing and the fitting and hereâ??s the results
>tubing i.d. is  .882â?? which is just over 7/8â??
>tubing o.d. is  .900â??  which is just under 29/32â??
>a new standard Tee .876â??   which ainâ??t gonna fit over .900
>if I can find one fitting to get this to 
>standard 3/4â?? size Iâ??m good to go...
>did the old stuff differ from todays standard â??
>after researching fittings a little I see that 
>there are several â??typesâ?? of fittings.... 
>from plumbing to hvac to whatever...
>anyone wanna try and give me some guidance 
>here... the net is confusing and offers little on actual dimensions

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