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Dave asks about pest control...

Dave, here is what I use...

It really cheap. Don't worry about getting the 'stations'.  Just put these 
blocks in or near where you are having a problem.  Put them in a 'harder 
to reach' area if you have other animals that you like.

I live in the country where mice and rats love to get into my trailers/ 
barns/ etc.  This stuff solved the problem.

I believe that once they eat it, they look for water (IE, leave the 
house/car) and when they drink it expands and kills them.  So no dead 
critters IN the house to smell.

I'm not sure that is how these work, but since I've been using them, I 
don't have an critter problems and I had to start feeding the stray cats 
cause there isn't enough 'mices' for them to eat.

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