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[Shop-talk] Installing Time-sert into an engine case?

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Installing Time-sert into an engine case?
From: Obaa <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 19:30:20 +0000 (UTC)
I recently bought an older ('01) Ducati 900 2V, which has the kickstand bolted
directly to the aluminum engine case.
The kickstand is held on by two M10x1.5 bolts, which extend 20mm into the
case. B The kickstand was wobbly, so I inspected it and found that the outer
10mm of threads in the engine case mounting points are stripped out; the inner
threads seem okay. B The mounting points themselves are ~27mm deep blind
holes, and are ~18mm machined round bosses (I'm guessing machined square to
the bore in order to act as the mounting surface for the kickstand).
My options for repairing this seem to be:1) Loctite form-a-thread (epoxy):
this didn't seem strong enough2) heli-coils: I'm not sure that I trust the
strength/durability of heli-coils as I've seen a couple break before.3)
Keen-serts: the deepest Keen-sert I could find was 14mm.
Which leaves me with Time-serts. B I think they should be the strongest, and
they are available with the correct 20mm depth insert, but I worried about
getting them installed properly. B I've heard that the holes have to be
drilled very accurately for the insert to hold properly; this would be tough
to do with the bike assembled. B (Also, I think the insert itself is
externally threaded with an English thread, which would leave me buggered if
the insert didn't work)
I'm trying to come up with a way to ensure that I drill the holes properly
(squarely) into the case. B I was thinking to get appropriately sized drill
bushings, such
asB To
hold the bushings aligned to the case during the drilling, I was going to
"super-glue" them to the case, and then remove when done by either a sharp
side-ways blow (shear them off the case), or dousing them with acetone to
dissolve the bond.
Does this seem like it would work?B 

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