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While I wasn't here in the very beginning, I just checked my personal 
archives and found the very first email I got from the list.  It was about 
a sale on lifts that I ended up buying for my garage!

I do find it interesting that many of the early adopters of the internet 
list servers still band together.  I'm on many lists that started in the 
early nineties.  Now a days, most FORMATS don't last 10 years. 
Does anyone still have a myspace page?  What about their Geocities site?  
I'm glad I just bought a domain name early on and ran my own 
webserver/mail server 12/1998 is my domain's b'day.  I never have to worry 
about what is about to end. 


Have a great day everyone.  Get out and enjoy the shop.

Sent from my Commodore 64 on a 2400 Baud Modem.
Eric P
"Be as beneficent as the sun or the sea, but if your rights as a rational 
being are trenched on, die on the first inch of your territory." Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

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Date:   04/12/2015 05:26 PM
Subject:        [Shop-talk] A couple of dozen
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April, 1991. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston had top hits. The Soviet 
Union is crumbling.
The Gulf War begins. And on the 11th the domain Team.Net is registered.

Happy birthday to us, 24 years and still kicking. Formed out of the Usenet tree,
it started with just 2 lists, autox and british-cars. It became large 
enough and busy enough
that the officials at the U noticed that a large amount of network traffic 
was coming from one
certain machine in my office. That is what prompted the move to a private 
server, which has been
in my basement for many years. Well, we are NOT running on the same server 
from back then, which I
recall was one of the first 120 Megahertz systems in the valley outside of 
universities. With the
CS departments work with Hewlett-Packard, I had a connection.

A lot has changed over the years, folks have come and gone, some have been 
hanging out here for
decades. We've lost a few good ones, but many of us have found lasting 
friendships from list
communications. Back in the early days there wasn't much besides Team.Net. 
I think the 1997
SCCA Solo II nationals had something like 60% of the entrants being autox 
list subscribers.
Those were the days.

But still here, still providing a valuable service to those who use it. 
Thanks to all of us
for making Team.Net what it is.

Happy Birthday.


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