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[Shop-talk] Re-tread tire shop equipment

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Re-tread tire shop equipment
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 14:22:27 -0500
OK, I'm in WV right now with my SO's family for T'day right now and I have 
a question...

My SO's father used to run a tire capping business here. He has all the 
equipment and supplies and he was wondering if there was any real value to 
it (or is it just worth scrap value.)

In the shop, he has 19 different tire molds with heaters, a press for the 
molds, some other tire machines for the recapping of the tires, a 
vulcanizer, presses to put white walls on tires and other assorted tools 
and such.

He would be interested in selling the entire contents at once.  He isn't 
looking for a fortune (in fact I think any near reasonable offer he would 

Does anyone know what the stuff is worth about?  (is it worth anything?) 
Is anyone here looking to pick up this type of equipment for next to 

I can take pictures of the stuff if people are interested, but I would 
have to clean alot out of the way first, so let me know if you are 

Also, since I plan to ask him to marry he daughter soon, I want to get on 
his good side.  So I'd love to sell the stuff for him and I will 
personally deliver it anywhere in the continental US for gas money only 
(plus the purchase price.)

Thanks for any information.

Happy T'day!!!

(BTW, if anyone on this list is in the Delbarton, WV area, let me know. 
I'll be here for a few days and I'll be back from time to time.)

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