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Re: [Shop-talk] amateur body work

To: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] amateur body work
From: Storm Field <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 15:31:59 -0500
After reading Eric's suggestion on "poor man's" body work technique I can
add perhaps a little refinement to his technique.

Used to race with someone who didn't even have a shoestring to budget on and
when he needed to do frame work, he would run a chain from a town drainage
pipe to a come a long and thence to the offending part. He'd just crank on
the come a long until it "looked about right" and go from there.

Personally, I would go to a frame shop...if I could afford it, but in this
case, it doesn't seem like the damage had any affect on anything but the fit
of the body panels...

Good Luck,

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 10:50 PM, BJNoSHOV8 <> wrote:

> When my dad had a body shop we used to send these types of things to our
> local frame shop.  They would pull the structure back to proper position
> then the body panels should fit properly.
> I have a 1998 GMC Safari (same as Chevy Astro) that was in pretty good
>> shape until my son decided to butt heads with an immovable object. I have
>> stripped all the damaged body panels (hood, bumper&cover, grill, and one
>> fender) to asses the damage to the body structure and can only find that the
>> radiator support was kinked inwards less than one inch. While this doesn't
>> sound very bad it does throw off the alignment of the front fender (pass
>> side). The Safari/Astro use unibody construction and the radiator support
>> panel is a substantial piece of metal. Specially the horizontal piece at the
>> top where the damage is. This part is boxed and gaining access behind the
>> damaged area is nearly impossible without removing a LOT of junk. Do you
>> guys have any suggestions?
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