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Subject: [Shop-talk] ATV Accessories
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 13:28:22 -0500
I'm not sure how many of you use ATV's for utility work, but I was 
wondering if you guys could recommend a site for accessories for ATV's.  I 
just got a new quad for the farm and I needed to add a few "goodies" to 
it.  8>)

Also, I'm interested in anyone that might have welded up their own front 
and rear racks instead of buying them premade.  Is this a good idea?

Finally, if anyone is interested in a Honda Big Red three wheeler, let me 
know.  It still runs great, but it's too light for my purposes.

Here is a picture of it...


(Ok, so I'm not using it for work in that picture!)

Here is a better photo of it at work...


(ok, so it's pulling a parade float.)

Anyway, you get the idea.  8>)

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