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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Musty seats
From: "Shop at \" Just Brits \"" <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 11:23:04 -0500
<< I was also concerned about the effects of the sun directly on the 
foam. >>

Ditto, Jim.  I also am not sure of the Washing Machine idea<G>!!

Hand washing could do nothing [ IMNSHO <G>] to the foams but
help.  LOL !!

After that, what *I* would & have done [in fact do a LOT] is to
get four (4) - guessing you have 4 separate pcs of foam - Dry
Cleaner Wire Hangers.  I cut the 'hanging hook' off just below
the really TIGHT twist where 2 ends meet.  Straighten ALL
'bends' out so that basically you have a 36" piece of HEAVY
wire.  Poke thru the appropriate place on each foam and slightly
bend the end up [foam can't slide of] - bend other side 90
degreeish and at other end form a 'hook' that will fit say a
garage rafter, a piece of elec. conduit or water or gas or etc.
PIPE and hang foams up to dry.

Then leave alone for a couple days or how even long it takes
for them to air-dry out.

Dry Cleaner Hangers are on of my favourite "tools" [and CHEAP
too as I steal from wife's dry cleaning - LOL !!].

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