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Re: [Shop-talk] Thread Repair

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Thread Repair
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Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 15:33:13 -0400
First make sure the thread pitch is exactly the same on both transmissions.

If so then look for thread problems with the new shaft.  If you see them you 
could even touch up the threads with a small triangular file.  If you don't see 
anything with the new shaft then look at the threads inside of your flange.  
Maybe the new shaft is trying to go deeper into the threads or somehow the end 
of the shaft is shaped differently from the old shaft.

> >My washing machine's transmission died so I ordered a "new" one 
> >online, though not really sure it's new.  The transmission has a 
> >threaded steel shaft, 1-1/8x12 I think, that a threaded aluminum 
> >flange treads onto to hold the basket.  I believe the threads on the 
> >shaft are bad/damaged.  I have two of the flanges.  Both thread on 
> >the old transmission without any problem but both stop abruptly a 
> >the same spot on the shaft of the "new" transmission.  Quick 
> >inspection with the "new" transmission installed in the carcass of 
> >the washing machine I don't see anything obvious with the threads.
> >
> >I'm faced with a three options: send it back with a couple of weeks 
> >of turn around (and trips to a laundry mat), order a die hoping I 
> >sized it correctly, or "fix" the threads.  I would rather fix it and 
> >the correct method is to use a die but don't think I can buy one 
> >local without ordering.  Dies this size are not cheap.  The other 
> >option is to pull the transmission and file down the bad 
> >thread.  I'm pretty sure the problem is localized midway down the shaft 
> >
> >I figure someone on this list with a LBC has had to deal with with a 
> >hard to replace part with damaged threads.  Any suggestions/advice?
> >
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