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Re: [Shop-talk] bits for a Stanley push drill

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] bits for a Stanley push drill
From: "John Niolon" <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 20:35:51 -0500

what's local ???   local might be hard... but here's some other choices

You are in luck. Jon Zimmers Antique Tools in Portland, OR, has a chuck 
adapter that will allow other size drill points to be used, and they may 
also have drill points for sale separately. or contact Jon at 503-232-1565. He also 
has other brands of push drills to consider, including the very popular 
Yankee No. 41Y and an all-aluminum push drill that houses ten drill points.

Ebay has lots of push drill and drill points for sale, including the 41Y and 
new (remaining) stock of the Stanley Handyman Yankee Push Drill. In Ebay, 
type "Yankee Push Drills" into the search box. I also found the No. 45 and 
others at On this site, select "tools" from the drop-down 
box and type "Yankee" in the search box.



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